Founder Story

Studied retail management, marketing, and merchandising. Have lived, study, and worked in San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas markets. Currently living in Colorado and travelling more & more throughout the years.

I completed the H&R Block tax preparer course in 2020, the QuickBooks Online course in 2020. Studied sales and business with Cardone University.

I have experience with investing and use several financial technology (fintech) services such as Robinhood, WeBull, Stash, Ibotta, and so many more.

I currently have 3 company brands that I'm working with. Check them out!


Our Mission

Career & Life Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs

(Artists, Musicians, Athletes, Models, Influencer, Blogger, Business Professionals,

Digital Branding, Media Presence, Photoshoots, Photo and Video Editing, Photo and Video Training, Spiritual Work, Rapid Career Boost, Monetize Your Life, Finance Tips & Tricks, Wardrobe Stylists)